Woodleyside Lab is a privately owned facility which has been running for nearly 30 years, providing leading product evaluation services to clients around the world.


Our area of product expertise covers a wide range of product types: laptops, desktop computers, printers (inkjet and laser), mortgage rates, 3D printing, displays, 4k TV, all range of sound products (hifi to the highest level, table top audio, bluetooth speakers, walkman, headphones, DAB radio, FM radio), through to smart devices, software (application software, security software), cameras, smartphones, tablets, surround sound including ATMOS and so forth. Computer technologies include networking, servers, desktop/laptop/tablet, operating systems, best practise corporate IT procedures.

We offer leading edge consultancy in all of these product areas, from box design through initial setup, application installation design, first use, day to day operation, management and servicing — a complete cradle to grave solution.

Our core expertise is how the customer will use the product. What are their expectations? What do they wish to get out of your product? How well will it integrate into their lives, their existing systems, and provide maximum uplift and value with minimum of hassle and user intervention.

We can objectively test a product, using IEC/ISO specifications where appropriate. Or use our wide range of methodologies developed over decades to help objectively rate the capabilities of a product. And also provide expert, repeatable subjective evaluation — this can be audio quality, video, printout quality, documentation, ease of use, interoperability etc.

In the R&D context, we provide the neutral external expertise that your in-house team has probably lost, due to being too close to the product under development. And provide it in the context of seeing a considerably wider product area than your sector.


Woodleyside - the expert option