Our Facilities

Our Facilities


Woodleyside Lab has an listening and viewing room designed to the IEC 60268-13/ BS 6840-13 specification.

It comfortably sits 5-6 listener/viewers in a controlled environment.

The room has an acoustic reverberation time of around 0.3seconds, and a best case noise floor of around 22dBA (details on file).

The room is equipped with high-end examples of both audio and video equipment:

      Samsung 55” 4K TV
      Red RedRay 4K playback
      4K bluray player with discs
      Primary reference stereo playback system of Naim Unitiqute, Naim 250/2DR power amp and ATC SCM11 monitor speakers
      Full 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos playback system from Pioneer, which can be extended to 7.1.6
    Low-end 5.1 playback system

Primary lab test equipment includes:

Video/imaging test equipment including Klein, XRite, Gossen measurement equipment
Audio test equipment including Prism, Audiomatica, Casella sound power meters

Power generation and analysis equipment from Newtons4th

RF spectrum analysis, generation, scopes, arbitrary signal generation All test equipment is calibrated to UKAS standards, certificates on file.

Other lab equipment includes full audio recording capabilities to professional standards: SoundDevices 788T, Schoeps omni microphones, Royer stereo ribbon microphones. This has been used to record at Abbey Road Studio 1, Air Studios etc within the last 12 months.

Video equipment includes access to Red camera with full lens set.

Lab photo studio includes Nikon D3X and D800 cameras, lenses from 12mm to 300mm, lighting from Bowens and Arri, with overhead rail system. Professional publication grade photography performed on almost all products that are tested.